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Solid Base

Albums :
Finally (1996)

1.Into Deep (intro), 2.Together, 3.You Never Know, 4.Mirror Mirror, 5.Dancing With An Angel, 6.Let it All Be Sunshine, 7.Stars In The Night, 8.Fly To Be Free, 9.All My Life, 10.In Your Dreams, 11.Bom Bom Bam Bam Bay, 12.How Can We Survive, 13.Never Find A Love, 14.Mirror Mirror (Remix version)

The Take Off (August 1998)

1.Intro, 2.Come'n Get Me, 3.Sunny Holiday, 4.Diamonds Are Forever, 5.Trust, 6.Katie, 7.Please Tell Me, 8.C'est La Vie, 9.The Right Way, 10.U Won't Forget Me, 11.Mother Earth, 12.Obladi Oblada, 13.Ticket To Fly, 14.Don't Give Up

Express (1999)

1.Intro, 2.This Is How To Do It, 3.Set Me Free, 4.Come On Everybody, 5.Colours Of Your Dream, 6.Sha La Long, 7.Once You Pop (You Can't Stop), 8.Push It, 9.Fantasy, 10.Baila Bolero, 11.Stay With Me, 12.Love, 13.I Gotta Know, 14.Sha La Long (Extended Mix), 15.Come On Everybody (Extended Mix)

Party Totale (2001)

1.I Like It (Airplay edit), 2.Come On Everybody (Airplay edit), 3.This Is How We Do It (Airplay edit), 4.Push It, 5.Sha La Long, 6.Baila Bolero, 7.Set Me Free, 8.Colours Of Your Dream, 9.Love, 10.Once You Pop, 11.This Is How We Do It (DJ Valium Remix), 12.Come On Everybody (Flim Flam Airplay Edit) + Multimedia part

In Action (23rd January 2002)

1. Perfect Melody, 2. I Like It, 3. You And Me, 4. This Is The Summer, 5. I Do, 6. This Beat Of My Heart, 7. In Or Out Of Love, 8. Don't Make Me Wait, 9. Boogie Man, 10. Better Off Dead, 11. I Want Boys, 12. I See Love, 13. Hold On, 14. Obsession, 15. I Like It (Earthquake Mix)

Singles :
Dance To The Beat (1994)
Together (1994)
In Your Dreams (1994)
Mirror, Mirror (1995)
Stars In the Night (1995)
You Never Know (1996)
Let it All Be Sunshine
All My Life (1997)
Fly To Be Free (October 1997)
Come'n Get Me (April 1998)
Sunny Holiday (August 1998)
Ticket To Fly (October 1999)
Once You Pop (You Can't Stop) (Autumn 1999)
This Is How We Do It (October 20th 1999)
Push It (February/March 2000)
Sha La Long (May 2000)
Come On Everybody (2001)
I Like It (February 2001)
Isabelle Heitman is the vocalist in Solid Base and Thomas Nordin or Teo T the rapper. Their name come from a synthetizer sound.

They have been releasing several singles since 1994 : Dance To the Beat, Together or In Your Dreams have all become hits. So in 1996 they released their debut album entitled Finally which has been selling pretty good all over Europe.

In 1997 they released the singles Let It All Be Sunshine, All My Life and Fly To Be Free. In April 1998 they released a new smashing hit called Come'n Get Me and it was also the first single to be released that was not available on their first album. In August a single called Sunny Holiday was released, followed by their second album : The Take Off. Later in 1998 Solid Base released a single called Ticket To Fly

Solid Base have long since secured its place on the charts in Scandinavia. The gold and platinum records (for the singles and their debut album Finally) speak for themselves in the competitive music trade. Triple gold in Norway (where they now live) and platinum in Finland made the two newcomers one of the hottest groups last summer. Now Isabelle and Teo. T. are ready to conquer the rest of the international music world.

Fresh pop that sticks and with its melodious hook finds its way to the ear. This makes singles like You Never Know (released in 1996) a hot tip in international commercial music. In this case the word "commercial" is not to be taken negatively. "We want people to like our music" says the rapper Teo. T. "Today the expression "commercial music" is almost a word of abuse but when it comes to the end there is nobody who wouldn't have his songs on the charts and sell well. If our songs go home with the public at large, the better."

What Teo. T. and Isabelle can do they have proved at numerous concerts all around Scandinavia. Their professionalism has not cropped up by chance but in contrast to many "One-hit-wonders" that all of a sudden appear out of nowhere and then just as suddenly disappear again. Solid Base have literally a solid base for their career.

"We have had the most varied influences and from that comes our typical sound. Our scope stretches from Classical via Ethnopop, Reggae, Funk and Soul" says Isabelle. From this comes a highly explosive musical mixture which Teo.T simply calls "Happy Music". "In every tune there's a piece of ourselves, for music is feeling.

1999 : a third album entitled Express and many singles prove Solid Base still has its place on the Eurodance scene.

2000 : Solid Base released Push It as their new single. This is a eurodance remix of Salt'n'Pepa's hit single, with raps and great synthlines. Their previous release This Is How We Do It was not as successful as they had expected.

2001 : they released a new single entitled I Like It in March, followed by a new album Party Totale ! on the 30th of April. It is not totally new since it contains many tracks of the previous album, such as Come On Everybody, This Is How We Do It or Sha La Long.

2002 : Solid Base's new album was released on 23rd January, it was entitled In Action.