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Hit'n Hide

Albums :
On A Ride
1.On a ride, 2.Space Invaders, 3.Sundance, 4.Boomerang, 5.California, 6.Partyman, 7.Doo Run, 8.True Love, 9.World Of dreams,10.Mr.Melody,11.Be My Bodyguard, 12.Book Of Love


1. On Stage Tonight, 2. Come Come Come, 3. Kingdom Of Eternity, 4. Run Run, 5. If You Really Want Me, 6. I Don't Wanna Leave, 7. Whisper You're Mine, 8. Stay, 9. Lonely Raider, 10. Guardian Angel, 11. Say Goodnight, 12. Space Invaders (2000 Remix)

Singles :
On A Ride
Sundance (1997)
Space Invaders (1998)
Book Of Love
World Of Dreams
Sundance (Johnny Jam & Delgado version) (Summer 1999)
Come Come Come

Hit'N'Hide is a project of Johnny Jam & Delgado. Six weeks at Number One on the Danish singles chart, platinum status for the single Space Invaders and gold status for the album On A Ride – that’s the story so far for Hit'N'Hide, the latest export from Scandinavia’s new wave of Eurobeat. That Danish success story soon spread throughout Scandinavia with Top 5 and gold status in Norway and a Top 20 hit in Sweden. Space Invaders, which is currently being promoted in the U.K. by record label All Around The World, was recently picked as Pop Single Of The Week in The Tip Sheet, the U.K.’s highly opinionated music bizz mag.

Hit'N'Hide are two Danes in their early twenties, Jeanne C & Morgan, are a pair who have always been obsessed with music. Morgan has worked extensively throughout Europe as a DJ and is owner of a discotheque. Jeanne C had always dreamed of being a singer, with an ambition to maybe sing for as many as five or ten thousand people. This is a dream currently under serious revision given that she’s already achieved her original modest ambitions.

Sundance was remixed by Johnny Jam & Delgado and re-released in 1999 (the original version was a single in 1997).