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Sites and Productions Participated

Starcraft Megasite (Somewhere in 1998) - Son Productions
Site has been removed
( Original URL: )

AznXShadow12 (Mid December 2001) - Son Productions
Currently Up

Tranceworld 02 (February 2002) - XtC PrOduKtiOnS
Currently Up

Plurland 2002 (Mid February 2002) - XtC PrOduKtiOnS
Currently Up

Sonny Dot Net (March 2002) - XtC PrOduKtiOnS
Currently Up

Eternal Dr3amz / 311 Nightz (Mid September 2002)- cK Productions
Currently Down

Sonni's World (Mid October 2002) - cK Productions
Currently Down

Plurland 2003 (November 2002)
Plurland Productions - XtC PrOduKtiOnS - cK Productions - Son Productions
Currently Up

All the sites I made and the productions since I started using the computer

( I had a few more from couple years but i forgot the URL )



Layout, Flashes, Links, Frames, Loops, Music

Looper, Partially Links

( We are still recruiting )

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